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Does your idea of the ultimate escape include a getaway to somewhere warm during the winter months or maybe a mountaintop resort with great slopes and fresh powder? Well, if you have the will, Stash Your Bag will help you make a way.

We are your go-to resource regarding anything and everything related to world travel. You can book your stay, book your airfare, book a cruise, plan your activities, and get more information about the location you’ll be traveling to.

You’ll begin your exploration by browsing our database of thousands of lodging and travel accommodations to anywhere in the world. Once you’ve decided on your dream getaway, the booking process is easy and quick. Stash Your Bag knows the language of the land when it comes to travel advice so please feel free to ask any questions through our contact page should you need additional information about a destination.

We are world travelers ourselves and understand long-term and short-term travel. We pack up and leave for over a month sometimes but will also pack our paddleboards for weekend warrior trips. We explore our great world and immerse ourselves in cultures, so when we share this information, you can make the most informed decision possible for your vacation.

Be sure to check out our blog page where you’ll find the coolest places to sleep, eat, drink, dance, travel tips/how-to, and much more. After all, you don’t want to leave your home and forget the many items you’ll need while on the road—like your passport, appropriate attire for the weather, bug spray, or certain electrical components.

When you get there, don’t forget you’ll need to know how to navigate the roads and territories. Our services also include information about where to rent cars, golf carts, hiking gear, outdoor sporting and fishing equipment, boats, scooters, and other bicycles.

Join our network of travel enthusiasts online through our social media accounts who share all sorts of their own tips, pics, and video and provide valuable information about local cultures.

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